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Stockton Alarm, Inc.

has been serving Stockton and surrounding areas since 1977. Take a look around your neighborhood and you'll more than likely see a "Protected By Stockton Alarm" sign. We are a family owned business that prides it's self on bringing the best products and service to our customers. In our past 30+ years word of mouth from happy customers has been our advertising. We do much more than just alarms!


Alarms, Security Cameras, Home Theater and much more.........

Business and Residential Alarms:

Whether you are a home owner trying to protect your family or a business owner, Stockton Alarm can help bring you the peace of mind and protection you're looking for. Complete with 24hr a day monitoring. Call for a free estimate.

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Security Cameras and Remote Monitoring

We have security camera systems of all shapes and sizes.
• High quality video cameras
• On sight live monitoring
• Remote monitoring from your Computer or Smartphone.
• DVR recording

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TV and Home Theater

• Plasma and LCD Flat Screen Installation
• Projector Mounting and Set-up
• Custom Surround Sound Installation
• Whole-House Audio/ Video distribution
• Computer Networking/Phone/Data/Cable
• Free Consultation

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Residential and Commercial Window Tinting:

Window tinting is a great way to enhance the look of your home or business that comes a lot more great reasons for doing it. Protection for your furniture, drapery and carpet form harmful sun and UV exposure.
• 99.9% UVA and B Protection
• Up to 60% Heat Rejection
• Up to 90% Glare Reduction
• Security tint for protection against break-ins

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Did you know?.......
You are required to have a permit with the county or city after you have an alarm installed? If the Sheriff or Police department respond to your alarm without a permit you well be charged and EXTRA fee!
Click here you find out if you are in the San Joaquin County or City. HERE
Click here to download the permit if you live in the county. HERE
Click here to download the permit if you live in the city. HERE

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